Here, where the quality of life begins

Here, where the quality of life begins

Natural Elements nutrition supplements are an innovation in the field of supplements in the form of high-quality raw materials of 100% purity and biologically active forms of improved substance properties. Due to carefully selected substances which do not contain glucose, lactose and additives, and are procured exclusively from certified suppliers, we guarantee the highest quality and the highest level of safety of our products. By using only those raw materials that our body can optimally utilize, using minerals and other trace elements as well as metabolically active vitamins, we guarantee excellent bioavailability. Production is performed solely on the principle of encapsulation in order to avoid the use of additional unnecessary substances used in tablet formulation. HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) capsules are stable, quality-controlled capsules made from vegetable fibres and can be digested by the human body without harmful side effects.


Only pure and high-grade substances

  • raw materials of the highest quality and purity from certified suppliers
  • standardized raw materials that are guaranteedto contain the active ingredients
  • biological active forms


  • only raw materials that can be used optimally by the body
  • the highest bioavailability at therapeutically effective doses
  • minerals, trace elements and vitamins identical to active forms in the metabolism

 Safe tolerance

  • free of artificial colours and preservatives
  • allergen free: lactose, fructose and gluten
  • free of magnesium stearate and other harmful ingredients

Proven quality

  • all raw materials and finished products checked for active ingredient content
  • all raw materials and finished products analysed microbiologically, for heavy metals, pesticides and allergens
  • the quality control of the finished product is carried out in an independent laboratory, after each batch, and the analysis and sample are archived

Controlled production conditions

  • controlled maintenance of temperature and humidity during production ensures perfect results
  • manufactured in accordance with the most stringent HACCP hygiene standards
  • made by highlytrained and certified staff

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