B complex active

120 capsules
Bioactives forms
They help the body maintain a functioning nervous, immune and circulatory system

B complex strong

120 capsule
Ideal proportions and partially activated forms
For the normal function of the nervous, immune and circulatory systems

Carnitine pure

(L-carnitine tartrate)

1 capsule contains 500mg of L-carnitine tartrate
120 capsules
An important role in fat burning and energy metabolism

Iron & Vitamin C

120 capsules
1 capsule contains:
30mg of iron
300mg of vitamin C
Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Magnesium Citrate

1 capsule contains 150mg of magnesium
120 capsules
Contributes to the reduction of fatique and exhaustion

Magnesium Glycinate

1 capsule contains 100mg of magnesium
120 capsules
It plays an important role in the regulation of cellular function, muscle contraction and muscle relaxa

Magnesium Taurate

(+ pyridoxal 5'-phosphate)

1 capsule contains
120mg of magnesium and
2mg of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate
120 capsules
Ideal combination for the circulatory and nervous systems

Selenium pure & strong


1 capsule contains 200µg of selenium
120 capsules
Contributes to normal thyroid function

Vitamin B2 active

(riboflavin 5'-fosfat)

1 capsule contains 25mg
riboflavin 5'-phosphate
90 capsules
It is involved in the synthesis of red blood cells and the metabolism of fat and glucose

Vitamin D3


120 capsules
1 capsule contains: 10µg (400IU) of cholecalciferol
Contributes to maintaining normal bones.

Vitamin D3 strong


1 capsule contains 125µg (5000IU) cholecalciferol
120 capsules
Contributes to maintaining normal bones

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